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In order for us to provide you with an idea of how much your wedding could cost please fill in the following information. We are aware you are still planning for your special day  so by sending this information you will be under no obligation whatsoever to proceed with your reservation.
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Dati personali
Name Campo obbligatorio
Country of residence Campo obbligatorio
E-mail Campo obbligatorio
Date of wedding Campo obbligatorio
Location of wedding in Italy Campo obbligatorio
*if other please specify
Type of wedding                                          Campo obbligatorio
*if other please specify
Dress design service                                     Campo obbligatorio
Hairdressers/beauty                                    Campo obbligatorio
How big do you think your final guest list will be ?            Campo obbligatorio
I know exactly how many guests there will be:  
Will your guests require us to organise
accommodation/ flights for their trip to italy?
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General comments about accommodation  
Preferred type of reception                                    Campo obbligatorio
*if other please specify
Catering                                                                                   Campo obbligatorio
Please add here any comments you may have
about catering  wines, menu etc.             
Wedding cake Campo obbligatorio
*if other please specify
Transport for bride/groom Campo obbligatorio
*if other please specify
Cars for guests                                                                         Campo obbligatorio
General comments about guests transport            
Flowers Campo obbligatorio
Bridal bouquet Campo obbligatorio
Bridesmaids bouquet  Campo obbligatorio
Guest corsage/ button hole                                                    Campo obbligatorio
Church or ceremony flowers                                                 Campo obbligatorio
Reception/table flowers                                                            Campo obbligatorio
Floral cake decoration                                                              Campo obbligatorio
General comment about flowers
colour, choice of flowers, special requests etc. Quantity of arrangements will also help us.
Photography Campo obbligatorio
Standard album Campo obbligatorio
Video Campo obbligatorio
Special location shots                                                                    Campo obbligatorio
General comments about photography  
Music Campo obbligatorio
Musicians Campo obbligatorio
General comments about music/musicians

preferred type of music and where you want it played: recorded music or live music; violin, harp, trumpet, piano, string quartet etc
Will you require assistance with honeymoon planning
in Italy?
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General comments about Honeymoon  
Will you or your guests require tour itineraries
while in Italy?
General comments about tour itineraries  
Special requests
Special requests/favours or comments not included
in the above questionnaire
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