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* Like all weddings anywhere, Italian weddings also have to be planned well in advance. So why not let I Fiori di Leo take the stress out of your Italian wedding.

Not every couple have the same requirements, every wedding for us is unique and your special day will be made exactly around what you want and are legally able to have.

* A legal wedding in Italy is recognised throughout the world, but the necessary documentation will be required. These documents will have to be officially translated from the original language into Italian. Official translators can only be used, so we at I Fiori di Leo will assist with this process.

* You must be prepared to come to Italy beforehand to sort out your documentation.  If you have been divorced anywhere and wish to remarry in Italy via a civil wedding, for the bride a minimum of three hundred days must have elapsed since the decree absolute. All divorce papers must be notarised and officially translated into Italian. Remember that in Italy a lot of the town halls are beautiful historic buildings making your civil wedding something very special.

* If you wish to marry or remarry in an Italian church this is not impossible, but your personal details will have to be studied and the final decision will be up to the church. You will have to present yourself beforehand to the church and follow a course. We at Fiori di Leo can put your recommendation forward and assist with the arrangements.
* After the civil ceremony we know our local church is able to offer a blessing as many other churches will too, but this depends on the priest.

* Receptions are usually in castles, villas or restaurants, and we can cater for groups from 5 to 500

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