Chi Siamo. Wedding Planner

Leo, became a Floral Designer in 1980 and has been working from his own shop "I Fiori di Leo" in Roccabianca since 2002. Roccabianca is a beautiful Emilia town with a picturesque castle situated in the province of Parma in the North of Italy. Leo is also an artist with an Italian eye for design and detail. Not only will your bouquet be right for you, but Leo's expert eye will also be overseeing the church, ceremony, restaurants, castles, villas, choice of food, wine, dress and cars, photographs, and anything else you just might request.

 Leo will not only make sure you have the right wedding cake but he will also make the final touches just for you, and in a way you will be sure it is just for you. Leo's love for his work is always evident. Leo's motto is, 'don't scrimp, just give it something extra'.

Apart from being an artist, Leo will recommend mouthwatering local dishes and the correct wine to go with it. Having had his work recognised internationally it can be said Leo is never out of fashion because Leo is able to lead the fashion in his own sector.